Blue Flame!

Just thinking ’bout my father’s torch! I remember coming into his studio and watching him bent over his work coaxing the metal like a priest! A thousand quotes, sketches, photos of family and friends, dusted clay objects I made in kindergarten through elementary, old birthday and father day cards, rock gardens, sheets of metal, old car bumpers piled neatly up in the corner of the studio,hundreds of drawings laced the walls from ceiling to floor….A true shrine! Sparks flying, madly through the air…he taught me to be not to be afraid!

Nia Love


  1. Marya wrote:

    Those moments are so sweet, not like anything else. feed you (and haunt you)

  2. Nia Love wrote:

    Amen and Axe’ Marya!

  3. Antoine Roney wrote:

    The studio was a sanctuary a place of spirit. He was the priest the keeper of the spiritual place!