Aren’t I Lucky? | July 21, 2015

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of watching, listening to, and thinking about the young people who make up our summer staff. What a rewarding experience to see the young CIT’s (counselors in training) grow into their own voices and responsibilities as they greet families and kids every morning. It’s also great to see the camaraderie that has developed between them when I walk past them eating lunch, or preparing snack. Everywhere I look, all over the BAX Building, I see small snippets of care and consideration. This morning I witnessed one of our group leaders reading to and gently reassuring a six year old whose morning just wasn’t working out! I walk into piles and piles of cardboard that will turn into installations and the concentration of a small group of children being helped to make decisions with the high school age counselors.

Why is this important to me? I know that the mentorship I received as a child and teen was pivotal in making me feel like I mattered. I know that was true for my own kids. So, to see that take place each and every day at BAX is a powerful reminder of the responsibilities we have as adults who work with and care about young people. The opportunity for kids to dance, tumble, clown and sing here is so important, but not nearly as important as witnessing and being part of JOYFUL INVOLVEMENT.

Aren’t I lucky?