May is a glorious month | April 22, 2015

…and this year particularly I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief after a long, grueling winter. The spring is also a time of culminations & farewells at BAX. Over the past month Resident Artists Erin Markey, Katy Pyle and Melanie Jones have shared their residency work with audiences that were enthusiastic, and more importantly inspired. What these works share in common is that they were made by three extraordinary women who have used their BAX residencies to research, experiment , hone their craft and develop heart wrenching, heartwarming, beautiful, challenging, unexpected work! Each woman and each work is very distinct and I won’t go into details here – but look in future postings for news about A Ride on the Irish Cream, Sleeping Beauty & The Beast with the Ballez and Canadians are Mean!!!! Coming up soon are: Aurin Squire’s THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO F*GGOTS, Daniel Carlton’s “Fitting Descriptions (working title)” and Paloma McGregor’s BUILDING A BETTER FISHTRAP. Watch for details!

In addition our teaching artist faculty have been honing their own skills as they ready for spring student performances. Whether it’s ACROBAX, TUMBLING OR DANCE PERFORMING WORKSHOPS, BAX THEATER COMPANY or the many other classes we offer, all our faculty work hard to insure that our students have the experiences, develop the confidence and feel the joy of sharing their work. Donna Costello, BAX Programs Consultant and Professional Development Specialist worked with faculty focusing on creating the space for performance. Acknowledging that participating in a public showing is the norm when teaching in the performing arts, our teaching artists develop the skills and tools that are necessary to make the most out of the powerful act of sharing work with the public. WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WORK WITH YOU!