Artist in Residence Performance Season Begins | March 17, 2015

April begins the Artist in Residence performance season at BAX. Whether you are an artist, a student, a parent of a student, or someone who hasn’t visited us for awhile I PERSONALLY would like to invite you to join us. In April both choreographer and founder of the Ballez, Katy Pyle and  playwright Melanie Jones will be presenting new work, in May playwright Aurin Squire and in June choreographers Anna Sperber and Paloma McGregor. Live performance is just that – LIVE. It’s not via computer, tablet, phone or computer. It’s not delayed or streamed. You can see what’s going on, hear the breath of the performers, experience the audience…there  is no replacement for this! So, my invitation is:

1. Read about the shows at and then, 2.If the description interests you, buy a ticket and put it on your calendar. Don’t forget we have a low income price too and I hope to see you there!

On a different note altogether, BAX is looking for a few more Board members who will make a commitment to BAX and serve in this capacity. The Board is currently made up of 10 members – artists, graduates/artists, arts and non arts educators, parents of current students, parents of alumni, community members, bankers, business owners. What they share in common is making BAX a priority for not only their philanthropic giving, but as ambassadors for our purpose and programs. If you are interested in learning more please email me

I also want to note in this issue that we said a grateful goodbye to our Development Manager Melanie Jones in March and welcomed Morgan Gould to our team.

Happy April Everyone!