Welcome the New Year | December 22, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am going to keep my letter brief for this BAXnews edition and ask you to open your YEAR-END EMAIL FROM US in order to READ, WATCH OUR NEW VIDEO and consider PROVIDING GENEROUS SUPPORT FOR BAX AS WE ENTER OUR 25TH YEAR! You will be getting several emails over the next couple of weeks that will give you the opportunity to hear what BAX young artists and families say about the value of BAX to them – important moments of discovery, and how BAX is far more than a place to learn to dance, act or tumble. It is far more than just making one dance or writing one play, it is a place to connect, to be human, to establish a home…and as one mother of a teen shared with us – “this has been a tumultuous year for our family, with lots of changes, but BAX has been a sustained presence not just for our student, but for all of us!”

So, please be a part of taking care and nourishing that kind of work , we really appreciate it!

Best in 2016, and a fervent hope for peace and justice!