What a month! — Marya Warshaw, May 3, 2010

I wanted to share how moved I am by the work I saw this month made by our Resident Artists. I am very fortunate to have seen these works grow over an extended period of time and engage with these artists about their work and their days. It’s a different kind of experience to sit in an audience and take tremendous pleasure in what they have made.

Jennie MaryTai Liu wove a world, a language, senses you could smell and stayed with you in LANDS AND PEOPLES.

Victoria Libertore wrote and performed a masterful — smart, funny, provocative,  investigation of Countess Elizabeth Bathory in GIRL MEAT, the second work she has made in her  residency.

Abigail Browde wrote, directed and performed in THANGKS FOR NOTHIN  — I thank her for producing a work of such satisfying quality and I cannot wait to see how this successful production influences her future work.

luciana achugar created PURO DESEO — I was spellbound experiencing a production that was unlike any I had seen before.

Thanks to these four extraordinary women for this season and their unique contributions.