You Matter | November 21, 2014

Dear Friends,

Several days ago we hosted the inaugural event for BAX PARTNERS. PARTNERS is an opportunity for donors to make a huge impact on the health and longevity of BAX and its important programs to the community. PARTNERS are donors who have significantly stepped up to support BAX’s unique artistic community of students and professionals. I spoke about how we INVEST at BAX – we invest deeply in our students, in our faculty, in developing artists. We invest in the relationships that are the core of an artistic home for people in our neighborhood and in our city.

Following the event I got a short email from one of our graduates EmmaGrace Skove-Epes saying :

“It was great to see you yesterday and I was really impressed with the whole event. I’m constantly reminded (not just at BAX events), of how grateful I am to have grown up dancing at BAX and being a part of the community. And I’m very grateful to still be a part of the community- I feel very lucky to have one of the major places I spent as a child and young adult be a place with which my values are still so strongly aligned.” Emma Grace is an accomplished dancer, and recently performed with choreographer Jodi Melnick at the BAM Fisher theater.

If Emma’s comments resonate with you, as a parent or an artist (or both) look for our end year appeal and be just as generous as you can be!

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you all!


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  1. This filled my heart. Emma was one of my African dance students many moons ago when I taught @ BAX. Now I am also thrilled to see incredible artists like : Nia Love, Marjani Forte-Saunders, Maria Bauman and Paloma McGregor working their shows at BAX. Congratulations on your longevity and honoring of diversity.